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A Word In Due Season

Welcome to My Blog

I anticipate each Word that the Lord downloads to me as I listen for His still small voice.  May each reader find a truth straight from the Heart of God that will land in his soul, bringing fresh revelation, insight, and a change from the inside out!  May the timing of each word read be perfect for each reader, and may Holy Spirit use his currect circumstances and life experience to make it relevant and intimate and particular to what God wants to speak to each individual. 


I've enjoyed writing for years. I've journaled and have occasionally shared my thoughts and entries with friends. As my hand-written journals have multiplied, I've considered sharing what the Lord gives me in a more formal setting. This is my first attempt at such a setting.


I'm not perfect, nor am I accomplished or sought after for my lofty words. What I am is a listener and a scribe. In my meager attempts to share what I've been gifted, I hope someone else will be blessed.


I pray that I will always keep the hearts and minds of my readers at the forefront, bringing encouragement and ever building up the one who reads. Thank you for joining me in this process!

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