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Do you feel confused, groping for real answers?

In a noisy world, Penny Renfroe's words offer a guiding light through chaos, turning everyday moments into extraordinary encounters with faith. "Threads of the Father" isn't just a book; it's a guide urging you to seek God's voice in quiet moments, challenges, and celebrations. Discover the joy of ongoing conversation with the Father, transforming your perspective and fueling your faith journey. Delve into "Threads of the Father" and let Penny guide you on a transformative journey of seeking, hearing, and weaving God's words into your daily life.

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About the Book

  • Is your spirit longing for a deeper connection with God?

  • Do you recognize the many times He speaks to you daily?

  • Could God be weaving the pieces of your life to fit into a master plan?


In this six-month devotional, Penny Renfroe shares conversations she has had with the Father, including topics like fear, doubt, forgiveness, shame, renewal, loneliness, and a desire to walk closer with Him. The common thread through each writing is the faithfulness of God in encouraging His children to come closer.


In preparing her to share these intimate writings, the Lord spoke these words,


“Penny, you are a weaver, a bobbin worker. Each of my people is a unique thread, created especially for the assignment they have been given to carry out. Their beauty and their various hues of color blend perfectly with the fabric of their lives. In those who trust Me, I am the bottom thread, the stabilizing endowment in their lives. I join with them to lock each stitch into place... Without the thread of My presence, their thread, their lives, though beautiful and crafted for greatness, are unsecured, vulnerable, and not likely to hold its position. I am crucial to the stability and longevity of the project.”


This book is packed with threads of His presence, wisdom, encouragement, guidance, and revelations for the one bold enough to pick it up and read! Allow Him to use each devotional to weave His thread through your life, drawing you near, and helping you become more like Him.

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Threads of the Father Book Launch Party
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Threads of the Father Book Signing
About Penny Renfroe

About the Author

Penny Renfroe is not just an author; she's a guide on the journey of hearing God's voice. In her words, she encourages readers to lean in, to listen attentively to the whispers of the Father in the midst of life's chaos. Through practical insights and heartfelt stories, she empowers you to cultivate a deep and personal connection with the divine.

Speaking Inquiries

As a leader and speaker, Penny Renfroe doesn't just share stories; she creates spaces for transformation. Her compelling messages resonate with authenticity and empowerment, leaving audiences inspired to embrace their unique journey and live a life infused with faith and courage.
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Penny Renfroe | Threads of the Father
Penny Renfroe | Threads of the Father Quote
Penny Renfroe | Threads of the Father Quote
Penny Renfroe | Threads of the Father Quote
Penny Renfroe | Threads of the Father Quote
Threads of the Father Book

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